Igniting a passion in students of all ages
to discover, discipline, train and use
their God-given talents while making
an eternal difference in the generation
to whom they’ve been given.
Joyful Sound! is a thriving performing arts organization for Houston area homeschoolers.

We’ve been teaching, performing, singing, dancing and serving throughout Houston and the United States for 20 years.

We are "different by design" and the original choral arts program offered to Houston area homeschoolers.

In 1993 God planted a desire in the heart of Paula Spencer to create a unique performing arts organization comprised solely of Houston area homeschoolers.

Joyful Sound began, and continues today, with the same two-fold purpose. . .to train and develop the God-given talents of students for musical excellence AND to nurture and mold those talents to serve others and make a difference in the lives of all who hear and see them perform.

Joyful Sound is comprised of students throughout the greater Houston metropolitan area.

Joyful Sound changes the lives of the young singers who commit themselves to developing their talents "as unto the Lord." The difference is obvious as they perform artistically and skillfully with hearts of JOY!

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